Action Locksmith - Deadbolt Lock Purchase - Consumer Tips

Considering replacing or adding a deadbolt to your door?
For your maximum security, listed below are the deadbolt specifications you should be looking for:
1. Bolt should be 1" thick with a 1½" throw (bolt extended) with hardened core.
2. When installed, bolt should lock into place when extended. You should not be able to push the bolt back by hand.
3. Bolt should be constructed to include a hardened steel core.
4. Lock cylinder should be constructed of 100% brass. (Some lock manufacturers use a combination of brass and plastic.)
5. Screws that anchor rear thumb-turn plate to front lockset should be heavy-duty, at least ¼" or larger in diameter.
6. Deadbolt face should be 2 pieces (outer slip ring with separate lock face - some manufacturers may join both pieces together).
7. Outer slip ring should be free moving when not installed.
8. Outer slip ring should contain a tempered or hardened interior ring (slip ring shouldn't be hollow).
9. Deadbolt should be of a 6 or 7 pin construction. (Available only through locksmiths and locksmith supply houses.)
10. Deadbolt should contain pickproof pins. (Available only through locksmiths and locksmith supply houses.)
11. When mounted to the door surface, the deadbolt face should be able to sit flush to the door to help defeat crowbar attacks.

A Professional Locksmith Can Supply:
1. Heavy-duty residential and commercial grade lock sets that are not available through local retailers.
2. 6 or 7 pin locksets (more difficult to pick open - local retailers supply strictly 5 pin lock sets).
3. Pickproof lock pins (virtually impossible to pick open - not available through local retail outlets).

A CB-160 Schlage® deadbolt supplied and installed. Call for price*. Locksmith Supply Type Deadbolt - Heavy Duty Residential Lockset 6 Pin Lock Set With Pick-Resistant Lock Pins For Added Security Will Withstand ViseGrips® Attacks - Outer Slip-Ring Cannot Be Crushed 1/4" Diameter Screws Anchor To Solid Brass Main Plate - Stops Crowbar Attacks 1" Deadbolt - 1½" Throw With Hardened Steel Core - Defeats Kick-In Attacks Solid Brass Cylinder And Plug - Defeats Key Cylinder Knock-Outs Available in Brass (605) Or Stainless Steel (626) Finishes
* Plus Service Call Charge - Tax Included